252 Badge Scheme

The 252 badge scheme is designed to reward archers as they achieve what is considered to be a “good” standard of shooting at progressively longer distances. The official PDF version of the rules is here. If you wish to print your own scoresheets there is a template available in either PDF or DOC format.

You can shoot a “252” round at any time of your own choosing. Another archer must witness your score and sign your “252” score sheet as Target Captain.

You can use the first 36 arrows of a longer Imperial round towards the “252” badge but please mark your scorecard with“252” so that our Records Officer (Jason Page) can pass the result to the “252” Badge Officer (Mike Huard) once the round has been officially recorded.

Your chosen round can be shot at the following distances: 10yds, 20yds, 30yds, 40yds, 50yds, 60yds, 80yds & 100yds.

  • You get 6 sighter arrows.
  • You shoot 3 dozen arrows on a 122cm face at your chosen distance.
  • You score the round using the 5 zone scoring method (9,7,5,3,1).
  • For each round that you achieve the required score (or better) you can claim a badge (only one badge at each distance can be claimed irrespective of bow type).
  • You can now submit as many badge claims per day as you desire. So you could complete every badge, 10 to 100 yards in one day if you wished!!!
  • You need only achieve the “252” score once to claim that particular distance badge.
  • You can shoot the distances in any order.

“252” Badges will be awarded at the monthly “Ron Sharp” competition Sunday shoots. If you miss your presentation the badge will be in the grey box file in the club hut.

There are adjusted target scores for Compound/Longbow/ Barebow archers – see table below (this table is printed on the reverse of the score sheets).

Score sheets can be found in the yellow folder in the club hut, and successful score sheets can be placed in the same folder.

Scores required to achieve the “252” badges for different bow types:

NB. The “252” Scheme does not count towards your handicap or classification levels.

252 rules (version 1.3 – August 2018)