Beginners Courses

Perhaps you have tried archery on holiday and fancy something a bit more advanced, or maybe you are contemplating taking archery up as a sport/hobby and possibly joining our club.  If so, then a beginners’ course is what you are looking for. It is designed to get you to a standard where you would be safe to join any Archery GB affiliated club.  Most clubs require you to have completed a course such as this before you can join.

The Club usually schedules courses during the summer, and these are often well attended. During 2021 we have run 3 courses, and these have all become fully booked shortly after dates were announced. If you would like to register an interest in courses to be run in 2022, please email Kieron if you would like us to contact you when we schedule our next course or see below for details on Perris Archery who also run courses locally.

The club course consists of four 90-minute sessions, and we run these on Thursday evenings during May and on Monday evenings during July. The cost of the four-week course is £50 and we take up to 12 people with a recommended minimum age of 10 years. Our Beginners Guide provides useful background information to anyone doing a course.

We find that about half the people on our courses are planning to take up archery whereas the other half just fancy having a go. You won’t feel out of place either way and everyone is welcome. People who have done a taster session with us often come back to do a beginners’ course. Aside from having to cover the safety aspects again, the content of the course and the style of shooting is different, so you won’t feel like you are going over old ground.

It is important to note that you must complete a beginners’ course before you can join an archery club such as Colchester. We strongly advise that you finish the course before purchasing any equipment. You are unlikely to buy an appropriate bow if you haven’t developed good technique. Also, given that bow length, draw weight, arrow length and arrow spine all need to be matched specifically to the archer, we recommend visiting a reputable dealer to get measured up for your first set of equipment. If you attempt to purchase archery equipment online without having the necessary experience it is very likely you’ll end up wasting your money.

If our courses are full or our dates don’t suit you then you can try Perris Archery as they run lessons indoors throughout the year. We have negotiated a deal with Perris whereby they will run courses on our behalf. These courses will be run over 2 sessions each of up to 2 hours each. These courses will be in small groups of 3 or 4 beginners and will cost £45 per person. Once ready to join Colchester, we will arrange an induction session to cover areas such as range safety, use of club equipment and etiquette specific to our facility which will not be covered by Perris.

The club will accept membership applications from beginners if you have completed one of the Perris courses (indeed a good number of our members joined the club through this route) or a course organised by another Archery GB affiliated archery club. Phone Perris at their Raydon base for details on 01473 316994 or contact via e-mail at For more general information including their address etc, their website can be found at

Please note that if a session is cancelled by CADAC then the club will organise another session to replace it. If you fail to turn up for a session, then you will not be entitled to another. Sessions will normally take place even if it is raining so please bring a waterproof with you.

We will only cancel the session if there is persistent heavy rain, lightening, high winds or fog. This will be at CADAC’s discretion on the grounds of safety and is non-negotiable. You will be provided with contact details in advance, but if you are unsure about the weather and cannot contact us on the day then turn up anyway as someone will be there to inform you of the rescheduled date if we do have to cancel a session.

If you have any questions, please contact Kieron by email.