Online Resources

This page can be used by club members to access useful online resources regarding all aspects of Archery:

Archery is a very old sport that evolved out of the hunting practices of some of the earliest humans. The word “archery” is derived from the Latin word for “bow,” which is “arcus.” Today, archery continues to be a popular sport, in part because it’s fun for people of all ages and abilities. This links to a website that is a guide to Archery for juniors and beginners with interesting information links to explore the sport from a beginner’s point of view. However, the website is based in the USA and therefore Archery GB rules should take priority for shooting here in the UK, rather than those linked in this site.
[Thanks to Anna for this contribution].

This link points to Jake Kaminski’s YouTube channel. Jake provides a wealth of information including; techniques, tips, equipment tuning & form. His channel suits those who have some basic knowledge of Archery.

This links to an Archery coaching channel presented by a club coach in Melbourne Australia. He calls himself NUSENSEI and provides a lot of good advice for beginners wondering what to buy, and how to use that archery equipment properly – as well as building up to more advanced archery techniques too.

This links to an Archery technique and technical tips channel called the ‘Online Archery Academy‘ presented by a senior GB & National Team archer – Ashe Morgan. Ashe presents a lot of good advice for both beginners and advanced archers, regarding stance, posture, grip & the various ‘physical’ aspects of archery, also – the basics of training, and how to get the best from your equipment.

Don’t forget the Archery GB website of course, with information about all aspects of the sport of Archery in Great Britain.

The home of Essex and Suffolk County Archery Association for Archery GB registered clubs & promoting archery in Essex and Suffolk.

Jarryd at Rogue Archery has a lot of very good coaching videos – looking at technique, as well as mental and physical issues associated with Archery. An excellent resource for both the beginner and experienced archer.