Club Championships

The CADAC Club Championship is an internal club competition usually held annually in September. National rounds are shot for the competition, and handicap weightings are applied, making it possible for Club archers of all ages, abilities and bow types to compete alongside each other.

A National round consists of six dozen arrows, with four dozen shot at the longer starting distance, and then two dozen shot after the target is moved 10 yards closer. Scoring is done using the ‘Imperial’ zone standard:


Round name100 yds80 yds60 yds50 yds40 yds30 yds20 ydsMax. score
New National42648
Long National42648
Short National42648
Junior National42648
Short Junior National42648

Congratulations to all of our members who have won trophies and medals.

Use this resource guide to find out more about the Archery GB ‘handicap’ scheme …

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