Classification Tables

The Archery GB Classification and Handicap scheme will allow archers of all levels to understand their skill level and progress through the various awards available. From the initial Archer 3rd Class classification, right through to Elite Master Bowman.

Our sport is always developing and as part of this progression, AGB has revisited and updated the classifications and handicap scheme, both modernising and creating more awards to give all archers a roadmap for progress, no matter what their skill levels are.

Inclusivity is important in our sport and that is why the update includes new Archer tiers to give beginners a more substantial way to mark their progression through the sport. New archers should typically be able to achieve a classification within their first 1-2 years. Additionally, for the most ambitious in our sport, they’ve added an Elite Master Bowman classification, which will be no easy task to achieve in an outdoor season.

The following links are direct to the Archery GB resource pages, which may be downloaded as .pdf files, and the appropriate pages printed to keep with your Archery kit …