Club Fees

Aug 2020
New members
Sep-Dec 2020
Jan-Mar 2021Apr-Jun 2021Jul-Sep 2021
18-24 or Disabled£102.00£102.00£80.50£53.00£31.50
Associate senior (including 18-24)£86.00£86.00£64.50£43.00£21.50
Associate junior£43.00£43.00£32.25£21.50£10.75
Adult and child *£195.50£195.50£163.25£101.50£69.25
Adult and two children£210.00£210.00£177.75£110.00£77.75
Two adults£233.00£233.00£200.75£121.50£89.25
Two adults and child£247.50£247.50£215.25£130.00£97.75
Two adults and two children£262.00£262.00£229.75£138.50£106.25
* Discounts apply for combinations of more than one adult and one junior joining from the same family. This covers all family, cohabiting couples, step-family, siblings both junior and senior, parents of adult archers, foster children, and roommates in addition to married couples and nuclear families.